Buoy field. Cala del Pi de la posada

The underwater meadows of Posidonia oceanica such as those found in the Bay of Formentor, form the most important marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean sea and are home to the greatest diversity of species. They play a crucial role in the conservation of the coastal ecosystems as these prairies of Posidonia slow down erosion of the beaches, they are the main source of sandy sediment in the Balearic Islands and help keep the coastal waters clear and transparent.

This is why the Bay of Formentor has been declared a Site of Community Importance (SCI) and therefore it is forbidden to drop anchor.

To prevent vessels from harming the posidonia with their anchoring systems, regulated mooring areas have been created where mooring points with a low ecological impact have been installed.


Badia de Pollença - Mallorca
Coordenadas GMS
39º 55’ 25.6’’N
03º 08’ 12.8’’E



Teléfono: +34 606 090 131
Email: info@boiesformentor.org
UHF: channel 71 ID

Office: +34 971 793 750 ext. 42 & 44

Regulated mooring zone:

  • • It is not allowed to drop anchor in the buoy field. Only one boat may be secured to each buoy.
  • • We have 6 types of different buoys depending on the length of the vessel. Gestora Projecte Home SL is not responsible for personal or material damage caused by adverse weather conditions, or any breach of the regulations in the buoy field.
  • • The buoy field has 15 blue buoys for boats less than 10 metres in length free to permanent residents of Pollença. The stay at blue buoys shall not exceed one day. Requirements: Present ID card and a valid certificate of residence.


The buoy field is monitored by a boat providing information about the characteristics of the mooring area, It shows you where it is possible to moor and advice you in the operation. Contact: +34 606 090 131 - UHF Channel 71 ID Boies Formentor


Rate for the buoy and maximum vessel length



Azul residentes

max length

10 mts
14 mts
18 mts
30 mts
40 mts
10 mts


14,50 euros
29,00 euros
42,50 euros
112,00 euros
237,00 euros
00,00 euros